The Secret Garden - ISDA Festival 2016


This piece is a sonic collage from my sound design for The Secret Garden, a playful rework of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s 1911 classic for the 2016 Irish Student Drama Association (ISDA) awards.

The play takes place in an attic, where a group of children act out a copy of The Secret Garden that they have found. The aesthetic is DIY, with the children using any items available to them in the attic to conjure the world of The Secret Garden and creating makeshift soundscapes onstage by whistling and clicking fingers.

In keeping with the theme of imagination and getting swept away, I focused on designing sounds that started out makeshift and gradually became real. The collage includes examples of this (me making train noises in my room blending into real trains) alongside a guitar piece I composed for the scene in which Mary discovers the secret garden.